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What to do with water from dehumidifier ?

 Your dehumidifier works hard to remove excess moisture from the air inside your home. You may be wondering what to do with dehumidifier water. It seems kind of wasteful to pour it down the drain. Can it be reused? Yes, the water collected by a dehumidifier can actually be reused in clever ways. Instead of pouring it down the drain, you can put that water to work while saving money and helping the environment. Here are some creative dehumidifier water uses:

Watering Plants

The water from your dehumidifier is perfect for watering non-edible houseplants, gardens, and lawns. Since it lacks minerals, simply mix in a small amount of fertilizer or plant food. This gives your plants a nutrient boost while allowing you to reuse that collected water. But avoid using water from a dehumidifier on edible plants like vegetables, fruits, or herbs - we'll explain why later.

Think about how much water you use to keep your indoor and outdoor plants thriving. Reusing water can make a significant dent in your water usage and bills. Plus, it's an easy way to go green by cutting down on waste. No more feeling guilty about running the hose for hours to water your garden! Your plants will flourish while you save resources and money.

Cleaning Around the House

You can mix dehumidifier water with soap or cleaning products to scrub floors and bathroom tile and do laundry. The cleaning agents will break down any bacteria present in the water. It's a cost-effective cleaning solution that helps conserve tap water.  

what to do with dehumidifier water

Imagine never having to use your faucet water just for cleaning again. The dehumidifier gives you a steady supply of water that can tackle all kinds of cleaning chores. You'll save gallons every time you mop, do dishes, or wash clothes. Talk about an easy way to lower your water bill! By repurposing this water, you can keep your home sparkling clean in a very green, eco-friendly way. It's a versatile cleaning liquid that works for everything from windows to laundry.

Steaming Away Wrinkles

That mineral-free water is ideal for steam irons. It prevents gunky mineral buildup and clogging that can happen with tap water full of hard minerals. But first, check your iron's manual to ensure it's compatible with distilled water.

If you regularly iron clothes, you know how quickly mineral buildup can ruin an iron. Using water from your dehumidifier extends the life of your iron and keeps it working efficiently. Is the water in a dehumidifier distilled? Not exactly, it's technically “condensate moisture” pulled in from the room's air. However, because it undergoes a process of evaporation and filtering, it is cleaner than your tap water.  No more battling crusty buildup or spitting irons.

Topping Up Your Radiator  

Need to refill your car's radiator coolant? Mix your repurposed water 50:50 with antifreeze. The lack of minerals prevents buildup and corrosion inside the radiator, extending its lifespan.

Radiator flushes can be a hassle and expensive. By using dehumidifier water to top up the coolant levels, you'll experience less mineral buildup over time. It's an easy way to get more miles out of your radiator before costly repairs are needed. Your car will thank you with a smooth-running cooling system for years to come!

Flushing Without Wasting

You can also pour this water directly into your toilet tank (not the bowl!) to refill it after flushing. It's an easy way to conserve water at home without impacting your toilet's function.   

Think about how many gallons get flushed away with every toilet flush. Reusing dehumidifier water lets you use that water instead of wasting it. Over time, it can lead to serious savings on your utility bills. Your wallet will be happy while you do your part for the planet!

What to Avoid

As useful as your dehumidifier’s water can be, there are some important no-nos:

- Don't drink it! Potential contaminants from the dehumidifier components make it unsafe for human and animal consumption. For details, please refer to this article: Can you drink water from a dehumidifier?

- Don't let it sit too long. Use it promptly. Stagnant water breeds bacteria and mold growth.

- Check your dehumidifier's manual for any specific restrictions on reusing the water.

Following these simple precautions ensures you can safely reuse the water without any health risks. A little preparation goes a long way.

Environmental Benefits of Reuse

Reusing water from your dehumidifier is an eco-friendly choice that provides several benefits:

1. It conserves tap water, reducing the strain on municipal water systems.

2. It lowers your household water bills by cutting down on water usage.

3. It promotes sustainability by reusing a resource instead of wasting it.

4. It reduces your environmental footprint by going greener at home.  

Even small steps like this lend to sustainability and can make a big difference for the environment over time. You'll be doing your part to conserve while saving money too! Talk about a win-win for your wallet and the planet.

Pro Tips  

To make the most of your dehumidifier, follow these pro tips:

1. Set up the dehumidifier to drain directly into a large, clearly labeled container.

2. Use the water right away or refrigerate it to extend freshness and prevent bacteria growth.

3. If storing for later, add a cap of bleach to kill any bacteria and keep it fresher longer.

4. For outdoor watering, consider installing a rain barrel to collect runoff and supplement.

Following these tips ensures the water inside your dehumidifier stays fresh and ready to use. With a little preparation, you'll have a steady supply for all your needs around the home and yard.

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