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【Stainless Steel Crawl Space Ventilation Fan】 Air output: 300CFM, IP55 grade crawl space ventilation fan, with good dustproof, weatherproof, liquid resistance, do not worry about fan rust. With this crawl space fan, you can accelerate indoor and outdoor air circulation, improve indoor air quality, and balance humidity. Ventilation fans can also be used to vent radon gas, treat wood gas and other odors, and prevent them from entering living spaces.

【Built-in Isolation Mesh & Antifreeze Thermostat】 ALORAIR basement ventilation fan has a built-in antifreeze thermostat. When the vent fan detects that the ambient temperature is lower than 37 degrees, the fan will automatically stop running. The foundation vent fan is also equipped with an 8 mm isolation net, which can effectively prevent reptiles from entering while reducing air moisture and prolong the service life of the fan.

【Easy to Operate and Use】The 6.57-inch crawl space vent fan adopts a simple knob panel, which is easy to control humidity for operation. The humidity can be adjusted from 5-80%. The 300CFM ventilation fan has an air movement area of up to 550 sq.ft. Noise< 40dBA, it ideal for use in wet areas such as crawling spaces, basements, lofts, garages, hydroponics, planting tents, etc.

【Equipment Information】Equipment Dimensions: 12.6“ × 8.7” × 2.9“, 5-blade vent fan with 6ft grounded power cord.√ Please measure the size of the crawl space vent before purchasing. After installation, the panels can be trimmed to match non-standard foundations Opening.√ Just plug it in, and you're set.

What is in Box?

1 - Fan system
1 - Power adapter
1 - 4 × Wall anchors
1 - 4 × Machine screws
1 - User manual

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AlorAir VentirMax 300S Ventilation Fan

Product Description
VentirMax S Crawl space ventilation
alorair crawl space ventilation fans

Isolation Mesh:Prevent subtle obstacles from entering the inside of the basement ventilation fan, and play a good protective role. (ISOLATION MESH SIZE 8MM)

foundation vent fan

This fan has a simple control panel that is very easy to operate and use. Its ventilation capacity of 300 CFM covers up to 550 square feet.

crawl space fan with humidistat
crawl space fan vent


Power 115 V/ 60 Hz, 34 W
Airflow 300 CFM
Noise Level <40 dBA
Functioning Humidity Range 10~80%
Weight 4.41 lbs
Shipping Weight 5.82 lbs
Current 0.38 A
Size for 550 Sq.Ft
Functioning Temperature Range 37-158 °F
Power Cord 6 ft
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.6 x 8.7 x 2.9 in