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Collection: Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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Make the Most of What You Have, Use It Anywhere Needed ALORAIR dehumidifier certainly excels in the creation of its compact small crawl space dehumidifier. This particular one is small enough to fit into crawl spaces and basements but still capable of removing hundreds of pints of water from the air per day and controlling the humidity level. Most of its functions are automated, making it possible to set it and forget it. It also uses a gravity floor drain system as opposed to continuous drainage and has an evaporator to prevent freon leakage.

  • Our best Energy Star dehumidifier for basements is designed to remove excess water from the air. They are more effective than air conditioners in removing moisture from the air and are also more energy efficient. Shop our top rated dehumidifiers to reduce unwanted moisture in your home and help prevent costly damage. These units effectively manage high humidity, eliminating the musty smell often associated with damp environments. With features like automatic defrost and options for emptying the tank or connecting to a floor drain, maintaining your dehumidifier has never been easier. Ideal for spaces up to several thousand square feet, these crawlspace dehumidifiers ensure your home stays comfortable and dry.

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