AlorAir® App Controlled Dehumidifier Removal 120PPD| Sentinel HD55S White WIFI | Size for 1300 sq.ft

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This wifi enabled dehumidifier is a top choice for basements and crawl spaces, renowned for its ability to remove excess moisture from the air thoroughly. This creates an environment where harmful pests like mosquitoes cannot thrive, safeguarding your family's health. Additionally, by keeping the area dry, it protects your valuables from mold damage.

BenefitsHealth Protection:High humidity harbors microorganisms, causing allergies, skin irritations, and respiratory issues. Mosquitoes, thriving in moist environments, can spread diseases like dengue and malaria. A dehumidifier effectively prevents these health risks.

Economical:A smart investment, Sentinel HD55S dehumidifiers operate efficiently, saving energy and reducing costs associated with moisture damage over time.Restoration Efficiency: Ideal for water damage restoration, Alorair dehumidifier's portability, durability, and reliability make it an essential tool for such tasks.

Property Protection:Creates a dry, inhospitable environment for harmful organisms, safeguarding your belongings from mold and moisture damage.

Safety Enhancement:Maintaining a dry environment prevents structural damage to your home, reducing accident risks.

Workplace Productivity:Clean, safe air quality boosts employee productivity by fostering a healthier work environment.

What is in Box

1- Sentinel HD55S with WiFi
1- Merv-1 Filter 
1- User Manual

User Manual Download

Sentinel HD55S WiFi Specification Sheet Download(PDF)

Sentinel HD55S WiFi User Guide Download(PDF)

Product Description

wifi connected dehumidifier

AlorAir Sentinel HD55S Dehumidifier with WiFi

Low noise dehumidifier

smart dehumidifier

Smart App Control, Wi-Fi Connect
Control your device remotely through the app with ease by following these pairing tips:

wall mounted dehumidifiers

dehumidifier with drain pump


Power 115 V/60 Hz
COP(115v/60Hz) 2.4 L/Kwh
Filter MERV-1 Filter
Air flow 130 CFM, 230 CMH
Size For Up to 1,300 Sq.Ft.
Draining Gravity Draining
Functioning perature Range 33.8-104℉
Defrosting Control system Automatic Defrosting
Dim(L x W x H) 19.2×12.2×13.3 in
Weight 44 Ibs (20 kg)
Refrigerant R410A