Best Whole House Dehumidifiers

Top 10 Most Popular Whole House Dehumidifiers Predictions For 2024


Keeping your home's humidity levels in check is essential to creating a comfortable living space. Excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, musty odors, and health issues. That's why whole house dehumidifiers have become a popular solution among homeowners.

In this article, we’ll look toward the future and predict the top 10 most popular options for 2024. Get ready to discover the list of the best dehumidifiers to keep your home dry and comfortable!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Whole House Dehumidifier

Before we dive into the predictions, let's explore the key factors you should consider when selecting a whole house dehumidifier. These factors will help you make an informed choice and ensure optimal performance in your specific home.

Energy Efficiency: Saving Money While Saving Moisture

Energy-efficient dehumidifiers not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but they also save you money on your energy bills. Look for models with the Energy Star label to ensure you get the most efficient option available.

Selecting the Ideal Fit for Capacity and Coverage Area

Determining the appropriate size of a whole house dehumidifier is essential. You don't want a unit that's too small, struggling to keep up with the moisture from the air, or one that is oversized and wastes energy. Assess the square footage of your home and choose a dehumidifier that matches your specific needs.

Noise Level: Subtly Improving Your Home's Ambience

Nobody wants a noisy dehumidifier disrupting their peaceful home. Look for units that have low noise levels, ensuring a tranquil living space. Pay attention to the decibel ratings when making your choice.

Additional Features: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Some whole house dehumidifiers offer additional features that can enhance your experience. Consider models with user-friendly controls, digital displays, built-in air filters, and air purifying capabilities. These features add convenience and ensure clean, fresh air quality.

Top 10 Most Popular Whole House Dehumidifiers for 2024!

AlorAir Guardian SN90 Dehumidifier: Best for Large Homes

The Abestorm Guardian SN90 is a powerhouse when it comes to moisture removal. With an impressive capacity of up to 198 pints per day, it's perfect for large homes up to 2,600 square feet. Its compact design makes it ideal for tight spaces, providing you with effective moisture control throughout your home.

Guardian SN90

AlorAir Sentinel HDi65S Dehumidifier: Best Energy Efficient

If you're conscious about saving energy without compromising on moisture removal, the AlorAir Sentinel HDi65S is your perfect match. This Energy Star-rated dehumidifier has a capacity of 120 pints per day and is designed to keep your energy costs low while effectively removing excess humidity.

Sentinel HDi65S

AlorAir Sentinel HD55S WiFi Dehumidifier: Best Smart

Get ready to embrace the future of dehumidifiers with the AlorAir Sentinel HD55S. This remarkable unit offers WiFi connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor it remotely via an app. With a capacity of removing 55 pints per day and smart humidity sensing, convenience is at your fingertips.

Sentinel HD55S

AlorAir Sentinel HDi65S Dehumidifier: Best for Low Temps

For basements and cool areas, the AlorAir Sentinel HDi65S is the perfect companion. Designed for low-temperature operation down to 33°F, this dehumidifier removes 65 pints per day. With WiFi controls, a hot gas defrost system, and optional ducting, it provides you with efficient moisture control in challenging environments.

AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme Dehumidifier: Best Heavy Duty

When it comes to heavy-duty water removing, the AlorAir Storm LGR Extreme is a true champion. With an enormous capacity of 190 pints per day, it is suitable for spaces up to 2300 square feet. Equipped with low-grain refrigerant technology and an auto pump for continuous drainage, it tackles excessive moisture effortlessly.

Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro Dehumidifier: Best for Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces require special attention, and the Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro Dehumidifier is designed to meet those needs. Specifically built for crawl spaces up to 3900 square feet, this powerhouse removes 198 pints per day. It comes with a built-in condensate pump and an auto defrost feature, protecting against freezing temperatures.

Dri-EAZ LGR 7000XLi Dehumidifier: Best Filtration

The Dri-EAZ LGR 7000XLi offers superior air filtration alongside its moisture removal capabilities. With a capacity of 120 pints per day, it can cover spaces up to 13,000 square feet. Equipped with a high-quality MERV-8 filter, it ensures cleaner air quality while efficiently controlling humidity.

Quest Dual OP508 Dehumidifier: Best for Basements

Basements often require powerful dehumidifiers, and the Quest Dual OP508 is up to the task. This dehumidifier boasts a dual-exhaust design, efficiently removing up to 508 pints of water from the air per day It is specifically engineered for basement applications and can cover areas up to 10,000 square feet. With a high-efficiency MERV-11 filtration system, it not only controls humidity but also improves air quality in your basement.

Santa Fe Compact2 Dehumidifier: Best Compact

Don't be fooled by its compact size, as the Santa Fe Compact2 packs a punch. With a capacity to remove 100 pints of moisture per day, it is ideal for areas up to 2,200 square feet. Its small footprint makes it the perfect solution for tight spaces, while features like low temperature operation, built-in pump, and auto restart ensure optimal performance.

Aprilaire 1830CS Dehumidifier: Best Value

Last but not least, the Aprilaire 1830CS offers excellent value for those seeking a reliable and efficient dehumidifier. With a capacity of 70 pints per day, it is suitable for spaces up to 3,800 square feet. Equipped with automatic controls, a built-in drain, and easy maintenance features, it provides hassle-free moisture control at an affordable price.

Homeowners have a wide range of options when choosing the best whole house dehumidifier. Whether you have a large home, a basement, or a tight crawl space, there is a dehumidifier tailored to your specific needs. Factors like energy efficiency, capacity, noise level, and additional features should be considered when making your choice.

Based on our predictions for 2024, the top 10 most popular whole house dehumidifiers will include powerful options like the AlorAir Guardian SN90 and Santa Fe Compact2, as well as energy-efficient models like the AlorAir SandiDry 55C. Keep these predictions in mind, but also remember to stay updated with the latest advancements in dehumidifiers to ensure optimal humidity control in your home.

With a dehumidifier for the whole house, you can bid farewell to excessive moisture, mold, and musty odors. Enjoy a comfortable, dry, and healthy living environment for you and your family.