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Should You Keep a Dehumidifier Running All the Time?

There’s one question we hear asked by both new buyers and longtime owners of dehumidifiers alike – Should I be running a dehumidifier 24/7? There are pros and cons to keeping a dehumidifier on all the time, so we’ll cover some of the points on each side, and then provide you with our expert opinion on the matter.


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Mold and Allergen Prevention

One of the benefits of constant dehumidification, and the reason we recommend them so highly, is that it helps to prevent the growth of mold and the buildup of other allergens. This is an especially big issue in places where the humidity is high and prone to dampness. This would be a situation where you would want to control the humidity and keep the dehumidifier running constantly. This is especially vital if you have an infant in the house or have a family member with respiratory complications. Keeping the dehumidifier on all the time might be the best way to let them live comfortably and breathe easily.

Something to consider is that there are homes that people don’t realize are at risk for growing mold. These houses might be in regions that people don’t think of as too damp, so mold doesn’t cross their minds until it’s too late. Even having an older house can make it more prone to mold and allergens, so constant dehumidification might become an option based on circumstances.


Seasonal Changes

Humidity is hardly fixed, so you might only keep your dehumidifier running full-time during certain parts of the year. Even if mold isn’t an issue, there are places like the south that easily get hot and mucky, making the heat nearly unbearable to some. There are other places like the Midwest where winter brings mold and other pathogens. In situations like those, keeping the dehumidifier on all the time could be a beneficial option during certain unbearable parts of the year to help your health and comfort.  



Power Usage:

This is one of the biggest complaints we hear about constantly running a dehumidifier. Many dehumidifiers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, like the ones we offer here at AlorAir, but this is still an appliance that will be running constantly. That’s going to show up on your next energy bill. This is a factor that depends on how much you want to spend on dehumidification. A dehumidifier is not as taxing as other appliances, though this is still a reason some people don’t want to have their dehumidifier on all the time.


Higher Maintenance on your Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier, like anything, is going to need more maintenance and TLC the more you use it. Running a dehumidifier 24/7 means more mold, dust, and other allergens are going to be passing through its system and building up in its filters. If you have a dehumidifier on all the time, just expect to be cleaning it more often. Prepare to replace the filters more often as well. A dehumidifier keeps mold from forming partially by clearing out mold spores. But if you don’t clean out the dehumidifier often enough, that mold will start building up, and grow inside your dehumidifier, which is the opposite of what you want.


Lowered Lifespan

The more you use something, the quicker it wears out, it’s a fact that’s true for everything we use in our daily lives, and dehumidifiers are no exception. Keeping your dehumidifier running all the time will eventually take its toll on the unit.

How major of a problem is this in practice? Honestly, it can be a minute issue. Age is more likely to wear down your dehumidifier than overusing it. You can even help preserve the dehumidifier’s lifespan by caring for it and cleaning it out more regularly. However, not everyone will want to commit to this, so it’s still a point to consider when it comes to keeping the dehumidifier running all the time.


Seasonal Changes (Again)

We’ll be quick with this one because we briefly mentioned it earlier, but this is also a con. There may be parts of the year where a dehumidifier is great, but other times when it might cause more discomfort. Cold weather often dries the air in certain areas, which could make a dehumidifier counterproductive.


Other Things to Consider:

Dehumidifier Size

We’ve talked about situations where you may or may not want to have the dehumidifier running all the time. However, there are other points to consider – such as the size of your house’s dehumidifier unit. A larger unit is going to pull more water out of the air, which means you’re less likely to want to keep it on all the time. If you have a more compact dehumidifier, then it makes more sense to keep it running all the time so it can pull enough water out of the air.


Our Verdict:

With all the points we’ve given, both positives and negatives for constantly running the dehumidifier, we can have one conclusion. As long as the humidity is maintained at a healthy range to prevent mold growth and allergen buildup, the best advice is to keep the humidifier on all the time only if that’s comfortable for you.

A dehumidifier is like an air heater. You can adjust the settings and have it on as often as you like to meet your needs. There may be parts of the year you use it all the time, and others where you keep it off. What’s comfortable for one person, might not be for someone else. As long as you’re not freezing, the option of how often to have the heater on is up to you, and the same principle goes for dehumidifiers. So take all the points we’ve brought up, and use them to make your best judgment about whether you should keep the dehumidifier on all the time. Find out how often you want to be running your dehumidifier based on costs, comfort, and the time of year, and we know you’ll find a solution that works for you.