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How Long Should a Crawl Space Dehumidifier Run?


With a crawl space in your home, you should understand the importance of maintaining proper moisture levels to prevent issues like mould growth, musty odours, and structural damage. One effective solution to combat excess humidity in this area is the use of a crawl space dehumidifier. However, many homeowners are unsure about the optimal run time for these devices, leading to questions like’’ How long should I run a dehumidifier’’,  "How long should a dehumidifier run?" and "How long does a dehumidifier take to work?"

Determining the appropriate run time for your crawl space dehumidifier is crucial for achieving optimal performance, energy efficiency, and longevity of the unit. Running the dehumidifier for too little time may fail to adequately control moisture levels while running it excessively can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and wear and tear on the device.

Therefore, by understanding how long to run a dehumidifier in them, you can maintain a healthy and comfortable living environment while ensuring the longevity of your investment. Whether you're dealing with persistent moisture issues or simply want to proactively protect your home, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your commercial dehumidifier's operation.

Why Is Humidity Important for Crawl Spaces?

Though it may not seem like a big deal, the humidity in your home can cause major problems. Mould and mildew thrive in damp environments and can cause structural damage to your home as well as health problems for you and your family.

Furthermore, pests that flourish in moist conditions, such as rodents and termites, can be attracted by excessive humidity; the level of pests can also determine ‘how long should a dehumidifier run’. Also, your home's HVAC system will have to work more to maintain a comfortable temperature; this can also cause your energy expenses to rise. Your home's health and safety can be enhanced by controlling the humidity in the crawl area, which can be achieved by a proper installation.

Parameters That Determine How Long a Dehumidifier Should Run

Several parameters, including their dimensions, relative humidity, and local weather, determine the optimal operating time. The ones that are too small to contain moisture will eventually become as damp as a king-size mattress.

Similarly, dehumidifying a crawl space that is consistently wet will take much longer than drying out a dry one. Their dimensions and the relative humidity levels to get the right capacity. A larger capacity will be necessary for a crawl area that is either larger or has higher amounts of dampness, therefore, the relative humidity level is proportional to how long should a dehumidifier run.

Also, time of year is another variable that determines how long it needs to run. Based on the current season, humidity levels might rise in the spring because of the increasing precipitation. If moisture tends to accumulate, it's recommended to operate them for longer durations.

It may be required to run it constantly or for many hours daily to keep the humidity at an ideal level and avoid mould growth. In areas where summers are hot and humid, high humidity levels are a common summertime occurrence. To maintain a comfortable humidity level in certain places, it may be necessary to run them constantly or for most of the day. Your chances of reducing the runtime are higher if they have good ventilation and don't get too wet.

How to Run Your Crawl Space Dehumidifier at Perfect Time

On average, you should typically run for about 12-16 hours per day to effectively control moisture levels and prevent mould growth. However, the exact runtime can vary based on factors such as the size, local climate, and the level of moisture present. Regular monitoring and adjustments may be necessary to optimize their performance. To achieve this, ensure you:

1. Keep their humidity between fifty and sixty per cent. Without drying out the room too much, this range helps avoid mould growth and moisture-related problems.

2. Take into account the square footage and humidity level of your crawl area when choosing a brand. Both small and large units provide potential problems with moisture control and energy usage.

3. For optimal air circulation and moisture removal, place the dehumidifier in the middle of the crawl area to dehumidify crawl space. If there is any standing water or dampness on the floor, move the unit to a slightly higher spot to protect it.

Choose a reputable brand with an integrated pump for continuous draining. Regularly check the relative humidity in the crawl area with a hygrometer to dehumidify the crawl space perfectly. Keep the relative humidity where you want it by adjusting the controls as required.


Tips To Keep Your Space Commercial Dehumidifier Running Efficiently

If you want to keep them dry and healthy, you must determine the best time to run the dehumidifier to dehumidify crawl space. Think about how big they are, and about the time to properly remove moisture from larger ones due to the increased air circulation required. It may take more time to reach the target level depending on your crawl area:

Ventilation: Ensure that proper ventilation allows for the circulation of air, which can help them operate more efficiently.

Air Leaks: Seal any gaps, cracks, or openings in the spaces to prevent outside air from entering, which can help maintain ideal humidity levels more effectively.

Insulation: Properly insulate them to help maintain consistent temperatures, which can reduce the workload and improve its efficiency.

Regular Checks: Periodically inspect for any signs of damage or malfunction, and address any issues promptly to maintain its efficiency.

To keep the space dry during rainy seasons or in humid locations, may differ in ‘how long does a dehumidifier take to work’ the dehumidifier may have to run more often or continuously to counteract the high levels of external humidity. However, as the humidity levels stabilise within the required range, you can change the runtime to save energy usage and maintain optimal conditions.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve known ‘How long does a dehumidifier take to work’ or ‘’ How long should I run a dehumidifier’’.  If you're facing moisture issues in your space and wondering how long it should run, consider investing in an AlorAir crawl space dehumidifier. These high-quality commercial dehumidifiers are designed to effectively control moisture levels in your home humidity, preventing issues like mould growth and structural damage.

For commercial spaces, AlorAir also offers a range of commercial dehumidifiers that are perfect for maintaining optimal humidity levels in larger areas. Don't let excess humidity wreak havoc in your commercial space. Invest in an AlorAir dehumidifier and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable environment.