Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, 4mil Film, 10'x65', Drop Cloth Vapor Barrier Covering for Crawl Space Encapsulation, Thick Plastic Sheeting, Black and White Panda Film

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Product Description

The Film - Film is a heavy-duty poly film. Made of 100% virgin poly materials. Thickness: 4Mil Width:10FT Length:65FT. Fully deployed 10 'x 65' covering 650 square feet.
Double Sided - the product is composed of black and white surfaces, both of which can block water vapor, black surfaces can prevent light penetration, and white surfaces can reflect 90% of light
Strong and Durable - Spirecover's crawl space vapor barriers are manufactured for strength and durability. Our plastic cover has no odor and can be reused, ensuring that the polyethylene sheeting will not rip or tear, even after extended use.
Multi-Purpose - Our 10 mil plastic drop cloth can be used as a barrier film, vapor barrier, protection barrier for painting, spray barrier and more! It is a staple among crawl space DIYers, construction professionals and hobbyists.