Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor with LCD Backlit Screen & Calibration Function, App & Buzzer Alert, Indoor Temperature Monitor for Home Pet

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  • WIFI TEMPERATURE HUMIDITY MONITOR WITH DOUBLE ALARM: Connecting with 2.4GHz WiFi(No 5G support), you can remotely monitor the smart humidity sensor. You can set the upper/Lower limit of the alarm via Tuya/Smart life app. The wifi temperature sensor will sound an alarm and send a notification to your phone when beyond preset value
  • REAL-TIME UPDATE & CALIBRATION FUNCTION: This remote temperature monitor is equipped with exceptional microchip and a sensitivity sensor, support Real-time data update. Users can also choose the temperature or humidity report time, such as 1s or 100s.The digital thermometer for home with calibration function, the temp and humidity can be manually calibrated via the App
  • VOICE CONTRO & LARGE BACKIGHT SCREEN: The temperature and humidity sensor compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant. After connecting, you can know the current temperature humidity by voice. Thermometer WiFi is equipped with a 2.9in Backlit LCD display, allows you to check the readings in any dim situation. You can also turn off the backlight manually.
  • HOME AUTOMATION: The Indoor Humidity Meter and Temperature Sensor can be linked with other Tuya smart devices, such as smart plugs, fans, etc.You can set a condition in the smart scene, for example, the air conditioners is turn on when the temperature reaches the limit value, or the dehumidifier in your room starts working once the humidity is over higher
  • WITH EXTERNAL PROBE & BACKUP RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The room temperature monitor with an external temperature sensor probe, you can use it to monitor the refrigerators, fish tanks, incubators, greenhouses, storage tanks, guitar cases, etc. 
  • WITH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: It powered by USB cable and built-in rechargeable battery which used as a backup battery can be used for more than 5 hours after power failure.


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Yes, if you've got damp problems. Broadly speaking, cheaper models have fewer features, a smaller tank capacity and may not be as efficient at water removal. Pricier models typically have a better water-removal capability, higher energy efficiency, more features and a larger tank capacity.

A dehumidifier that has earned the ENERGY STAR label uses more efficient refrigeration coils, compressors, and fans to remove the same amount of moisture as a similarly sized conventional unit but uses nearly 13% less energy.

Moisture can build-up inside the crawl space from duct-work condensation, ground moisture evaporation, high outdoor humidity, and more. The dehumidifier is needed to condition the crawl space and ensure healthy humidity levels are kept all year.

Our dehumidifiers are built to last for more than 10 years, considering the right maintenance and support.

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The best place to put a dehumidifier is in the location closest to the source of the moisture. In multi-level homes, this means that dehumidifiers should most often be placed in basements or upstairs close to the stairs to your basement. This is because the basement is the most humid place in your home.